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CR911 Assist

Live Chat with Audio, Video and Text Chat - Plus Screen Sharing!

Enhance your phone support with two-way co-browsing and sharing

Maximize sales and delight customers with our interactive selling platform, featuring text, video, audio and screen sharing. With a single click, your visitors can instantly communicate with sales and support staff facilitating easy text and one-way video chat – your visitor sees your staff, but for privacy, your staff cannot see the visitor. Screen sharing support allows for guided product browsing and checkout assistance.

One click connection

Allows your visitor to decide the level of support assistance they desire. Text chat or video + audio are all supported, natively, without cumbersome software downloads or plugin requirements.

Works on all devices and browsers

With support for nearly every device and web browser rest assured that your visitors will be able to engage with your staff from wherever and whatever they are using for devices.

Key Features of CR911 Assist

Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly for both visitor and agents.

Two way audio support; for an easy to communicate manner..

Multiple simultaneous chat support with ability to transfer to other agents

Brand and customize CR911 Assist to your website.

Unified text, video and audio chat and co-browsing platform

Easy to Implement- just add one line of JavaScript to setup.

No customer downloads

No popups, always on same page as visitor..

One-way video support; customers can see you but you can't see them.

Audit log data of chat text, agent transfers, co-browsing and video/
audio requests.